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Corporate Governance & Finance

Typical for start up phase companies.

Your business life-cycle begins once you’re founded and funded. Business formation, board minutes, bylaws, operating agreements, and financing documents (e.g. convertible notes and SAFEs) are essential legal documents to get your business off the ground and into growth phase.


Typical for start up and early growth phase companies.

Once you’re founded and funded, stay funded with our affordable transactional and contract management support plan. Template contracts, MSAs, NDAs and employment agreements are just some of the contract documents we’ll draft, negotiate and manage to accelerate your sales process and realize revenue faster.


Intellectual Property

Typical for early growth and Series A phase companies.

Protecting your valuable inventions, code, know how, trade secrets and brand identity comes next. Looking for provisional patent, utility patent, trademark or trade secret protection? Our network of experienced IP attorneys will help you maximize the rewards of your business, protecting your intellectual assets and secret sauce.



Typical for Series A or late growth phase companies.

Compliance with your industry’s Federal, State or other regulatory framework is absolutely necessary to ensure nobody gets hurt, sued or fined as your business continues to seek growth, additional funding and exit potential. Privacy laws, like the GDPR, are also constantly updated and global in reach, requiring the right policies and procedures to avoid a potentially “lights out” penalty.

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