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We’re looking for passionate, technology forward thinkers seeking to explore the edge of the legal profession.


1. Who are we looking to work with?


Innovators, entrepreneurs and explorers - those tired of the “same old way” of practicing law and looking to discover new ways of providing clients with better overall user experiences.

2. What will you get working with us?


We’re passionate about providing all hires with career-advancing mentorship, skills training and invaluable networking opportunities.  On day one of your journey at Connett PC we’ll define your professional goals and work tirelessly to achieve them.  Being an “employee” is just a legal thing. Here, you’re an asset. We’ll work hard to get you exactly where you want to go (professionally speaking).

Law student seeking work opportunities?  Since 2012, we’ve partnered with Pace Law School to provide 2L and 3L law students with career mentorship, training and real world experience in the heart of New York City through our Corporate Externship Program https://law.pace.edu/externships. Email legal@connettpc.com with “Corporate Externship Program” in the subject header to learn more about our law student opportunities.


The future of law is flexible. Our technology powered model benefits both the clients we serve and the teams we hire.   Once on board, we’ll equip you with cutting-edge “legal tech” tools and skills training, giving you a jump on the competition and the option to work from anywhere and everywhere (unless a court appearance is required). 

We’re also comfortable with and encourage remote and home office setups. Billable hours and time spent in a “physical office” are absolutely meaningless if our clients are not receiving professional services in the most transparent and cost-effective manner. As technology experts working alongside human beings, we’re unafraid to creatively deploy new solutions to legal problems if the end result equals higher client satisfaction.


Life is too short for too many lawyers. Taking excellent care of our clients also means taking excellent care of ourselves in mind, body and sprit. Lawyers are human beings first and foremost.

Stress management, wellness practice, physical exercise and team building are paramount at our firm.  Time recaptured by our technology powered law firm model is regularly repurposed for engaging social events, uplifting team building activities (ask about our annual sailing retreat!) or just doing nothing.

3. How do I explore career opportunities at Connett PC?

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Join our journey to fix B2B legal.

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